“I Heart Carli” vondsinsameling lewendig op SAUK Radio Vrydag aand vanaf die Snakepit Bikers Club

SAUK Radio doen Vrydag 23 September 2016 vanaf 19:00 (7nm), ‘n lewendige radio uitsending op saukradio.com, of laai Tune In af op jou selfoon, Tablet, soek vir SAUK RADIO, en luister in. Die uitsending vind plaas vanaf die Snakepit Bikers Klub vanaf 19:00, ten bate van die i Heart Carli fondasie, kom kuier gerus saam en n fonds insameling sal daar ook gehou word. Sien jou daar!

Luister na Carli se pa, Riaan, wat kortliks die storie vertel:

‎Riaan Van Straten‎ to iHeartCarli

Lots have happened in the past couple of days, Carli has grown 3 teeth and she has started wiggling like a worm! Seems like she is very close to crawling, exciting times!
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for little Amy for a heart. Please continue to do so and know that your prayers are making a difference, the #ANewHeartForAmy campaign has really gotten some good publicity and it has raised an enormous amount of awareness about becoming an organ donor. Have you signed up yet …? By the grace of God, they will find Amy a heart soon, because for humans it might be impossible but for God nothing is impossible!
Our thoughts and prayers go out to little Kara and Juan En Annalise Scholtzwho is heading down to Cape Town for Kara’s check-ups. Sounds basic but for a heart parent, apart from the operations, check-ups can be very daunting. Kara had a good couple of months and we know she will get a golden star from Doc Pribut!!!

The iHeartCarli dance was a big success and we cannot say thank you enough to everyone who contributed. We are busy planning our next event to raise funds and share the love and blessings with other heart families. This is a video we showed on the evening to say thank you to everyone who have supported iHeartCarli. Today we share it on the group to say thank you to absolutely everyone on the group. By the grace of God this group has kept us going right from the start. Thank you..

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents said “money doesn’t grow on trees”…? Days like today I wonder, with all the fancy technology available, how come no one has figured that out yet !!!
So, while the scientists are still figuring out how to make money-growing-trees, we are busy raising funds for Carli’s next trip to the doctor which is coming in December. We have a couple of small projects running at the moment, and, be on the look out for our Family fun day posters coming soon. Buster die Brak will join us for a show in November, which will also be a special birthday gift to Carli. In the mean time, if you would like to get involved there is 4 easy ways:

1. You can make a donation directly into the iHeartCarli fund account at:
JSC van Straten
Standard Bank
Knysna, South Africa
Account nr: 287808572
Branch code: 2292
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Email: iheartcarli1@gmail.com
Cell: 0725954113

2. You can buy an iHeartCarli sticker for R10. Let me know how much you want and I’ll get them to you!

3. You can sms the words iheart or carli to 39969 to donate R15. Depending on the service provider, the iHeartCarli fund gets about R8 for each sms send.

4. We also have a PayPal account set up for people from over the seas! Email: gamodisa@gmail.com

#followingGodblindly #iheartcarli #Godwillprovide

Joanie van Straten
Riaan Van Straten

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