Internet Radio advertensies groter as Facebook

SAUK Radio – Navorsing het bewys Internet Radio advertensies is groter as Facebook

Internet radio is bigger than Facebook? It may sound dramatic, but new data reveals online-streaming radio commands a larger audience than the social media giant. And that could cause advertisers to give Internet radio—which includes the online streams of broadcast radio stations along with Web pure-play services—a more prominent place in their ad mix.

eMarketer estimates that 12% of time spent with digital media this year will go to Internet radio, compared to 6% on Facebook, according to a market survey by Xappmedia. Internet radio counts a slightly larger domestic audience, tallying about 159.6 million users at the end of 2014, compared to Facebook’s 156.5 million U.S. users as of January 2015.…/article_c6bb8ae0-400e-11e5-b62…


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